Equipment for Developing Countries

Equipment for Developing Countries

Recently, I was contacted by a dentist friend who was doing some much needed pro bono work in Mexico.  He needed a scope and I sent him a used one that I had in inventory.  He used it for several fillings and root canals.  Needless to say, the charity group was thrilled with the donation and it really didn't cost us all that much to help out.  You can see him here using the scope.

I'm not blogging about this to blow my own horn but more to show that it really doesn't take that much to help out some of these developing countries.

In early 2017, I'll be heading to Haiti with some doctors to help out down there and I'll be taking some equipment from Sunshine OPH with me.  There are so many countries out there that could use our help.  I’m looking forward to giving back in 2017.

I'll also be launching a website soon where you can donate to charities that help out these countries, so stay tuned for that.

Jan 11th 2018

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